The New American Home 2019 features a smart home technology system designed to support the full spectrum of home automation products and solutions, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability. All of the technology in the home is integrated, creating a personalized system that is easy to use, modify, upgrade and maintain.


Touch Screens
Touch screens throughout the home feature agile processors, native Sonos integration, optional cameras and microphones, backlit capacitive buttons, ambient light sensors and secure mounting options.  


Digital Media
The digital media experience in the home is heightened by featuring the latest high-definition and 4K sources, and integrated digital and analog AV signals. This media package boasts the highest-quality video, fastest switching, multi-channel professional audio, and network-based control and management, all on one secure enterprise-grade platform.  The unparalleled image quality and seamless switching between media sources enables an uninterrupted digital entertainment experience.


Lighting Solutions
The lighting controls invigorate the rooms of the home while improving the comfort and enjoyment for the occupants. Customizable controls for all lights in the home can be accessed with the touch of a button. Both wired and wireless control solutions are integrated with other systems, allowing virtually unlimited configurations and expansion.


Home Theater – Inner Sanctum Lounge 
The home theater controls can be simplified to create a breathtaking. The end-to-end technology provides an exhilarating experience for any late night reception. The increased clarity, robust sounds and personalized features create an ambiance of elation and invigoration.


Climate Control Solutions
Flush-mount temperature sensors and remotely located thermostats provide a clean, unobtrusive solution for controlling temperature and humidity, ensuring all areas and rooms are comfortable regardless of the season, temperature or room orientation. This fully programmable system allows this innovative technology to function efficiently independent of occupancy.


The home’s innovative technology products are not only cutting-edge, but also unique to the market place. The LG 77” Signature AI ThinQ OLED TV, mounted on a sheet of glass in the family room, appears to float in mid-air. Measuring less than one-quarter-inch thick, this television is one of the thinnest on the market today. With no motion blur, near perfect viewing angles, and very low energy use, the LG TV leads the industry in OLED technology. All TV’s in the home are LG OLED products ranging from 55 inches to 77 inches in size.